About JP

During the last twenty years, as a non-denominational wedding officiant, I’ve celebrated over one thousand weddings—non-denominational, inter-faith, and cross-cultural. I haven’t seen it all, but I have seen a lot: from the bride who did somersaults while processing down the aisle, to the bride’s cousin who presented the rings while doing a belly dance with a sword balanced on her head, to the mother of the bride who tried to stop the ceremony—in the middle of the ceremony! I’ve created ceremonies that honor the cultural sensitivities of couples that are as spiritually diverse as Muslim/Hindu and Buddhist/Atheist.

I can honestly say that no two ceremonies were alike as no two couples were alike. Each was sweet and moving and at times wacky in its own special way!

In addition to being a wedding officiant, I’m an interpersonal communication skills coach. I help people “find their voice” so they can communicate with confidence and forge healthy, successful relationships, both professional and personal.

I especially enjoy teaching communication courses at UCLA Extension and I get a kick out of writing a weekly column on relationships and communication for The Tolucan Times.

-- JP Reynolds